Monday, January 13, 2014

Drew talks Girls EDGE

I have an incredibly supportive family that does a great job in helping and encouraging me in my dreams, especially with Girls EDGE.

In fact, my 7-year old son Drew helped us to design our logo! I'm a proud mom!

I thought given his support and interest in watching me workout, encouraging me with the best "go Mommy" cheers and asking lots of questions, I'd turn the tables and ask him a few.

So you went to the Girls EDGE partner workout with your cousin Olivia, what was it like?
We played games and we did a course, a workout course and I think that's it. We also ate healthy things for lunch.

What's girls EDGE all about?
Working out and having fun for girls my age.

What does mommy do at Girls EDGE?
Teach and do squats.

How are my squats?
Good, but not as good as mine!

You guys come to CrossFit Brighton a lot and encourage me and Daddy in our workouts. What does Coach John say about the chalk bucket?
Keep the chalk in the bucket!

Right and only use the chalk bucket with an adult! But accidents happen and you just have to clean them up! 

Why do you think Girls EDGE is a good idea? 
I think Girls EDGE is good because it's a fun workout, it makes you healthy and strong and you meet new friends and maybe you'll make a really, really nice friend and learn something.

I agree Drew, that's awesome. Why do you think Mommy coaches girls?
Sometimes CrossFit people teach. And you do CrossFit and you teach so it's like that. Also you used to be a girl and you weren't very strong but now you are. And kids can do that too if they sign up for Girls EDGE or CrossFit Kids.

You're a really smart boy Drew, any last words?
The rope is really high and my brother climbed it. I'm still working on it. Be brave and workout. That's it.